Book: Bloodline (Star Wars)

Bloodline (Star Wars) by Claudia Gray

Summary There was a time when the Star Wars franchise seemed left for dead. Before the prequels, when there was no light on the horizon for any new movies, a time of no new hope for Star Wars fans. At such a time one could forgive a kid like myself for getting a Star Wars hit off of some cheap pulp Star Wars “adult” novels. Then came the prequels, which might as well have actually killed Star Wars, and then the roaring reboot of Episode 7. Those old books were soon deprecated. With a new slate of movies in the works, one would think that there was no excuse to go back to the Star Wars “adult” novels. But I have sinned, and I broke down, purchasing “Bloodline” under the premise that it is a book that is “loaded with context for The Force Awakens”. I would know more than my friends about the context of the new episodes! So well yeah, I guess the summary of the book is that you get some political back story on what must arise to become the First Order.

Rating Re-read the last sentence of the summary. Maybe I’m older, but the novel felt very young adult and the characters thinly drawn. Is this what it feels to outgrow Star Wars?

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