Book: Armada

Armada by Ernest Cline

Summary: A flying saucer appears in front of Zack Lightman. Not just any flying saucer, but one from the video game he has been religiously playing. Is he going crazy? Or is he becoming like his deceased dad, who journaled crazy stories of video game conspiracies? Think of this as Last Starfighter meets a mature video game industry.

Rating: This book is pure young adult. In particular, young adult male nerd. Yep, a nerdy dude who plays video games finds that his skills there translate over to a grand adventure, including a fairly painful set of scenes in which, yes, he gets the girl. On the other hand, it’s a rather fun romp through some nostalgic computer and science fiction history, so I’d definitely recommend this to my 13 year old self. Maybe this is what it would have been like to read Ender’s game as an adult when it came out? Not nearly as good as the author’s previous “Ready Player One”.

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