Book: Rainbows End and Book: Perion Synthetics

Two contrasting scifi reads.

Rainbows End

Summary: Vernor Vinge does Neal Stephenson circa the Diamond Age. A novel of the future in which a former master poet, Richard Gu, reemerges after being cured of Alzheimers mixed in with a techno-political thriller. Vinge tries imaging a future in which augmented related plays a large role, and does so with some considerable insight into the tools (wearables) that will allow this. Also the spelling in the title is intentional.

Rating: If you like Stephenson, definite recommend. It has some YA elements, read it for the tech.

Perion Synthetics

Summary: The story of a company bent on building ultimate robots, synthetics, as it’s founder lies dying because he won’t accept the technology of another major company that could cure him. A world in which people were devices to broadcast their life to feeds which big corporations battle to dominate.

Rating: To me this read like an action flick plus some pretty routine “what happens when robots pass the Turing test” stuff. Not my personal cup of tea.

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  1. This is the first time I’ve seen someone write “not my personal cup of tea” instead of “this book sucks.” I’ll have to take a screenshot! Thanks for reading!

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