Books of 2014

I was not able to get a ton of reading done this year, though I did spend a lot of time reading algebraic geometry texts, which is not reflected in the list below. Certainly the book I enjoyed the most this year was Edward Frenkel’s “Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality”. The subject area itself is fascinating. Definitely read this if you want to know what the Langland’s program is and how it fits in with the bigger picture of modern mathematics. I also loved the way that Frenkel weaved his personal story into the math story in such a smooth manner. The most surprising book for me this year was “A Calculated Life” by Anne Charnock, which I really didn’t like for the first few pages, but which grew and grew into a beautiful story, touching, story.

Non-fiction, ordered by most to least recommended

Fiction, ordered by most to least recommended

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