AQC2013 – Second International Workshop on Adiabatic Quantum Computing

AQC2013 – Second International Workshop on Adiabatic Quantum Computing

6th – 8th March 2013, Institute of Physics, London, UK

The Second International Workshop on Adiabatic Quantum Computing (AQC 2013), hosted and organised jointly by University College London and the Quantum Optics, Quantum Information and Quantum Control Group of the Institute of Physics, brings together researchers from different communities to explore this computational paradigm. The goal of the workshop is to initiate a cross-platform dialogue on the implementation challenges that must be overcome to realise useful adiabatic quantum computations in existing or near-term hardware. The workshop will have a special focus on AMO (Atomic, Molecular, and Optical) and solid-state technologies.

Registration and abstract submission are open at the workshop web-site:

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline: 1 February 2013
Early registration deadline: 13 February 2013
Registration deadline: 1 March 2013

Invited Speakers

Gabriel Aeppli, University College London, UK
Mohammad Amin, D-Wave, Canada
Grant Biedermann, Sandia National Lab, USA
Sergio Boixi, ISI, USA
Vicky Choi, Canada
Toby Jacobson, Sandia National Lab, USA
Andrew Landahl, Sandia National Lab, USA
Trevor Lanting, D-Wave, Canada
Daniel Lidar, USC, USA
Hartmut Neven, Google, USA
Geordie Rose, D-Wave, Canada
Rolando Somma, Los Alamos National Lab, USA
Jacob Taylor, NIST, USA
Zhihui Wang, USC, USA
Kevin Young, Sandia National Lab, USA
Peter Young, UCSZ, USA

International Steering Committee:

Andrew Landahl (Chair, Sandia National Laboratory, USA)
Rainer Blatt (Innsbruck, Austria)
Malcolm Carroll (Sandia National Laboratory, USA)
Eddie Farhi (MIT, USA)
Mark Johnson (D-Wave, Canada)
Daniel Lidar (USC, USA)
Kae Nemoto (NII, Japan)
Michelle Simmons (UNSW, Australia)
Paul Warburton (UCL, UK)

Local Organising Committee:

Paul Warburton (Chair, UCL)
Dan Browne (UCL)
Simone Severini (UCL)

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