Positions at QIP group at Raytheon BBN Technologies in Cambridge, MA

The Quantum Information Processing Group at Raytheon BBN Technologies (Cambridge, MA) is looking for well qualified and highly motivated researchers to join our eclectic team working on experimental and theoretical aspects of quantum information processing (for a list of recent publications by our group members, go to http://www.bbn.com/technology/quantum/pubs )

Open positions include:

Quantum Information and Computer Science (permanent) : candidates with interest in programming language design, compiler design, and expertise in quantum information science to conduct research in programming languages and compilers for quantum algorithms, and/or quantum circuit optimization ( http://careers.bbn.com/servlet/av/jd?ai=715&ji=2645162&sn=I )

Quantum Optical Information Theorist (permanent) : theorist with a strong background in quantum optics and familiarity with information theory to work on quantum limited communication, estimation and imaging ( http://careers.bbn.com/servlet/av/jd?ai=715&ji=2651315&sn=I )

Experimental Quantum Engineer (permanent): qualified experimental physicist with a minimum of 5 years of experience to perform` sophisticated experiments in solid state quantum physics ( http://careers.bbn.com/servlet/av/jd?ai=715&ji=2617360&sn=I )

Senior Quantum Optics Experimental Physicist (permanent): a qualified Experimental Physicist with a minimum of 5 years of experience performing sophisticated experiments in quantum and/or optical physics ( http://careers.bbn.com/servlet/av/jd?ai=715&ji=2602433&sn=I )

as well as other permanent positions.

We also have graduate-level internships and post-doc positions available.

Go to http://careers.bbn.com/ and search for jobs in the “Quantum Information Processing” department (no need to specify city and state). Resumes can be submitted through the website. Any additional questions can be directed to Robin Ingalls (ringalls at bbn.com).

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