New Caelifera

New Caelifera

modern methow cabin

Fire Pit Ideas

Excavation uncovered a large number of rocks, which our builders sorted through and arranged in a nicely to make a fire circle. Here is a shot of the spot (we’ve reseeded so natural grasses will start growing back around this area…going to have to clear this out for fire safety):
I’d like anything we put in the middle here to be pretty low profile and unobtrusive. So, because this is what ex-theoretical physicists do, I cranked up Mathematica and came up with some simple ideas. Hex version:
firepithex1Oct version:

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A beautiful sunset Dec 30, 2014 from New Caelifera. May 2015 bring you great happiness!

img_20141230_161757386_hdr img_20141230_162407718_hdr img_20141230_162425834 img_20141230_161813865_hdr img_20141230_161741818 img_20141230_162430286

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