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May 18, 2015 | 2 Comments

Step -1: Get to Winthrop

Coming from the north into Winthrop on Highway 20, just before town, you’ll see a baseball park on the left. Turn left onto W Chewuch Road. If you hit the four way stop you’ve gone too far in to town.

Coming from the south through Winthrop, at the four way stop, turn on Highway 20 north, and just past the Big Red Barn turn right onto W Chewuch Road (just before the baseball park).

Note that W Chewuch and E Chewuch Road are separated by a river without a bridge for many miles.


  1. Drive 0.9 miles up W Chewuch Road to Rendezvous Road. Rendezvous Road is just before the Okanogan Electric Coop. Turn left onto Rendezvous.
  2. Drive 1.1 miles up Rendezvous Road. On the left you’ll see a small pond (dry in late summer). Just past the pond veer left onto Gunn Ranch Road.
  3. Drive 1.4 miles up Gunn Ranch Road, past Riser Lake on the left. We are 145 Gunn Ranch Road, the first house (other than an old collapsing homestead house) you’ll see on Gunn Ranch Road.

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