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When Will Highway 20 Open In 2015?

March 12, 2015 | Comment

The Washington State Department of Transportation has announced that they will begin the clearing of Highway 20 on March 16. Which leads us to our favorite game: “when will highway 20 open?” Last year I got within 3 days of the correct date. I’ve added the data from last year to produce a new chart of opening day versus snow depth at Swamp creek snowtel along with an updated trend line
chart_2 (1)This year the snow depth at the snowtel on 3/1/2015 was a paltry 29 inches. This is the fourth lowest snow total in the data set, and leads to the prediction that Highway 20 will open April 5. That seems amazingly early, and late season storms could certainly throw a wrench in an early date, but that’s my prediction, crazy as it sounds.

Update: Actual date was April 3.

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