New Caelifera

New Caelifera

modern methow cabin

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Address Sign

We needed an address sign for the entrance to our driveway. So first comes design:
Then comes implementation:
Letters have arrived and next comes install!

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When Will Highway 20 Open In 2015?

The Washington State Department of Transportation has announced that they will begin the clearing of Highway 20 on March 16. Which leads us to our favorite game: “when will highway 20 open?” Last year I got within 3 days of the correct date. I’ve added the data from last year to produce a new chart of opening day versus snow depth at Swamp creek snowtel along with an updated trend line
chart_2 (1)This year the snow depth at the snowtel on 3/1/2015 was a paltry 29 inches. This is the fourth lowest snow total in the data set, and leads to the prediction that Highway 20 will open April 5. That seems amazingly early, and late season storms could certainly throw a wrench in an early date, but that’s my prediction, crazy as it sounds.

Update: Actual date was April 3.

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Fire Pit Ideas

Excavation uncovered a large number of rocks, which our builders sorted through and arranged in a nicely to make a fire circle. Here is a shot of the spot (we’ve reseeded so natural grasses will start growing back around this area…going to have to clear this out for fire safety):
I’d like anything we put in the middle here to be pretty low profile and unobtrusive. So, because this is what ex-theoretical physicists do, I cranked up Mathematica and came up with some simple ideas. Hex version:
firepithex1Oct version:

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A beautiful sunset Dec 30, 2014 from New Caelifera. May 2015 bring you great happiness!

img_20141230_161757386_hdr img_20141230_162407718_hdr img_20141230_162425834 img_20141230_161813865_hdr img_20141230_161741818 img_20141230_162430286

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Books of 2014

I was not able to get a ton of reading done this year, though I did spend a lot of time reading algebraic geometry texts, which is not reflected in the list below. Certainly the book I enjoyed the most this year was Edward Frenkel’s “Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality”. The subject area itself is fascinating. Definitely read this if you want to know what the Langland’s program is and how it fits in with the bigger picture of modern mathematics. I also loved the way that Frenkel weaved his personal story into the math story in such a smooth manner. The most surprising book for me this year was “A Calculated Life” by Anne Charnock, which I really didn’t like for the first few pages, but which grew and grew into a beautiful story, touching, story.

Non-fiction, ordered by most to least recommended

Fiction, ordered by most to least recommended

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Snow Pictures

Pictures from our Thanksgiving trip

img_20141130_103143180_hdr img_20141130_073300595 (1)
sledding outside the back door

sledding outside the back door

frozen chain

frozen chain

img_20141129_153104924_hdr img_20141129_103527160_hdr (1)
Mt. Gardner

Mt. Gardner

above the fog

above the fog

fire about the fog

fire about the fog

abovethe fog

abovethe fog

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