Research Fellow, Experimental Quantum Control, Sydney



We are seeking to appoint two Research Fellows for projects focused on (1) Quantum control engineering with trapped ions, and (2) Trapped-ion quantum simulation in a Penning trap.

Primary responsibilities will include constructing and testing of novel experimental apparatus, performing experimental research, mentoring postgraduate and undergraduate students, and providing day-to-day oversight of laboratory projects and students.   The positions are full-time fixed-term for one year with the possibility of extension for a further two years by mutual agreement.

The Quantum Control Laboratory at the University of Sydney is focused on studies of quantum control, quantum information, and metrology using trapped ions. The lab is a part of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS) which is a broad-based collaboration of five major Australian universities focused on both fundamental and applied research in quantum physics and engineering.   Our group also engages in multiple international collaborations supported by major international projects.  Details of recent publications and ongoing research projects are available here:

Candidates will have the opportunity to contribute broadly to the group and participate in the:

  •  Development of new techniques in the control of quantum systems, leveraging insights from the fields of quantum physics and control engineering.
  •  Development of new high-performance FPGA-based control systems for scalable quantum information systems.
  • Demonstration of new programmable quantum simulation protocols using linear ion chains and concepts from quantum control theory.
  • Study of exotic phenomena in quantum magnetism and quantum many-body spin physics using trapped ions.

Candidates must satisfy the following essential criteria:

  •  PhD in physics or equivalent in a relevant field
  • experience in one or more of the following experimental areas: Ion Trapping, Atom Optics, Atomic Physics, Quantum Optics, Experimental Quantum Information
  • proven ability to work independently or cooperatively with others and lead projects to completion
  • evidence of proficiency at oral and written communication.
  • strong academic track record

Desirable criteria include:

  •       experience in one or more relevant experimental areas including: ion trap design and construction, microwave electronics, UV laser systems, Optical system design
  •       a proven track record of high quality publications in relevant fields.

Remuneration package: $99.6K p.a. including leave loading and up to 17% superannuation. Some assistance towards relocation cost and visa sponsorship may be available for the successful appointee if required.

Interested applicants should contact Prof. M.J. Biercuk directly via email, 

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