APS Abstract Deadline

March meeting abstact deadline Nov. 14


The meeting will be in San Antonio Texas and include the following GQI sessions. See you there!


17.1.1: Semiconductor qubits
17.1.2: Quantum error correction and decoherence control
17.1.3: Adiabatic quantum computing
17.1.4: Superconducting qubits
17.1.5: Superselection and quantum reference frames
17.1.6: Quantum characterization, verification, and validation
17.1.7: Nano/Optomechanics for Quantum Information


17.2: Superconducting quantum information
17.3: Semiconducting quantum information
17.4: Atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) quantum information
17.5: Topological quantum information
17.6: Algorithms and architecture for quantum information
17.7: Quantum information theory and quantum foundations



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