CQT & UCL Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Quantum Information Science

The Center for Quantum Technologies (CQT), and University College London (UCL) invite applications for a post-doctoral research position to commence on 1 January 2013 or on a date determined by agreement. The successful candidates will be associated with the Center for Quantum Technologies (see http://www.locc.la), and with University College London (part of the newly formed London network LINQS (see http://www.linqs.org.uk/)).
Applications are especially welcomed from highly motivated researchers with a PhD in mathematics, theoretical physics or theoretical computer science, and a strong background and interest in applications of information theory to areas such as quantum foundations, thermodynamics, quantum field theory, or quantum gravity.
For any further queries on the scientific details and requirements of the post, please contact Jonathan Oppenheim () and Stephanie Wehner (). Research will be undertaken in part at UCL and CQT, with the exact nature of the joint tenure to be worked out with the successful candidate. 
CQT and UCL value diversity and are committed to equality of opportunity.
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