APS March Meeting Deadline 11/11/11

I am writing to encourage your participation in the 2012 APS March Meeting in Boston on February 27 through March 2. Note that the meeting is earlier than usual this year and the deadline for submission of abstracts is correspondingly earlier: November 11, 2011.

This year, the APS Topical Group on Quantum Information (GQI) will sponsor or co-sponsor seven sessions of invited talks:
Topological quantum computing with Majorana fermions (Jason Alicea, Jay Deep Sau, Leo Kouwenhoven, Anton Akhmerov, Piet Brouwer)
Quantum entanglement in many-body systems (Eugene Polzik, Frank Verstraete, Dietrich Leibfried, Xiao-Gang Wen, Scott Aaronson)
Quantum simulations (Ian Spielman, Rainer Blatt, Steven Girvin, Mohammad Hafezi, Ehud Altman)
Quantum computing with superconducting circuits (Irfan Siddiqi, Chris Wilson, Matthias Steffen, Matteo Mariantoni, Matthew Reed)
Quantum information processing in diamond (Fedor Jelezco, Kai-Mei Fu, Jack Harris, Hannes Bernien, Lee Bassett)
Silicon spin qubits (Christie Simmons, Mark Gyure, Jarryd Pla, Wayne Witzel, Xuedong Hu)
Teaching quantum information science at liberal arts colleges (Benjamin Schumacher, Michael Westmoreland, William Wootters, Herbert Bernstein, Enrique Galvez)

In addition, there will be GQI-sponsored Focus Sessions including both invited and contributed talks. More information about the Focus Sessions is here:
We are eager to receive contributions relating to all aspects of quantum information science, not just the topics represented in the Focus Sessions.

To register and submit an abstract go to:
To ensure that your talk is scheduled in an appropriate session, you should flag your abstract with the proper Focus Topic or Sorting Category, chosen from the list appended below.

The March Meeting is a valuable opportunity for quantum information enthusiasts to exchange ideas with the broader physics community, and to raise the visibility of our field. This year’s meeting will be especially exciting, and your participation is vitally important. I and the rest of the GQI Executive Committee look forward to seeing you in Boston.

John Preskill
Chair-elect of APS Topical Group on Quantum Information

17.1.1 Superconducting Qubits
17.1.2 Quantum Optics with Superconducting Circuits
17.1.3 Semiconductor Qubits
17.1.4 Quantum Information for Quantum Foundations
17.1.5 Qubits in Diamond
17.1.6 Topologically Protected Qubits

17.2 Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Communication, and Quantum Measurement
17.3 Quantum Entanglement
17.4 Quantum Computing, Quantum Algorithms, and Quantum Simulation
17.5 Quantum Error Correction and Quantum Control
17.6 Open Quantum Systems and Decoherence
17.7 Physical Implementations of Qubits
17.8 Foundations of Quantum Theory

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