Two Quantum Information Postdocs at EnLight in Brazil

Group of Entanglement and Quantum Properties of Light (EnLight) –
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – Brazil

The EnLight group is offering two post-doc positions for immediate
hiring. The fellowship includes a R$3.300,00 monthly reimbursement
plus R$12.000,00 per year of research grant exclusively for the
fellow. The fellowship runs for three years (foreigners have two years
guaranteed and the third year is conditioned on acquiring a permanent
visa in Brazil).

The candidate cannot accumulate this fellowship with another income
source and must have acquired his/her PhD degree in the last five

The Research areas are:


Characterization of Entanglement and the geommetry of quantum states
Entanglement Quantification and measurement
Decoherence and Disentanglement
Entanglement in systems of identical particles
Cavity QED in atoms and solid state systems
Quantum properties of light
Coupled cavities and simulation of quantum many body systems
Entanglement and theory of resources
Shannon Quantum Theory
Quantum distinguishability under restrained measurement classes
Quantum Complexity Theory
Complexity of Quantum Hamiltonians and Fundamental states


Generation of multipartite entangled photons
Entanglement in transverse degrees of freedom of photons
Non-classical effects in two-photon states
Effects of turbulence on entangled photons
Experimental Quantum Information

The group includes Researches: Marcelo França Santos, Marcelo Terra
Cunha and Fernando Brandão (theory) and Carlos Monken and Sebastião
Pádua (experiments)

For more information, please contact Marcelo França at
. (you can also check our website at )

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