PhD Positions in Quantum Information at Duke

Duke University invites applications for multiple PhD positions in Quantum Information Science.  Quantum information research at Duke includes Ion-trap quantum computing, Quantum error correction and fault tolerance, Quantum Shannon theory and communication, Quantum resource theories, Quantum thermodynamics, Quantum algorithms, Quantum metrology, Quantum simulations and many-body dynamics.

Faculty members at Duke, who are actively working in these areas include:

Interested applicants with strong backgrounds in physics, mathematics, or computer science are encouraged to apply. Students can be admitted through different departments (ECE, Physics, Math).

Applications must be submitted here, through Duke graduate school. Applications submitted by December 1st, 2018,  are guaranteed review. Applications submitted after this date will be reviewed based upon availability of space and funding.

Also, interested applicants are strongly encouraged to directly contact with Kenneth Brown (), Jungsang Kim (), or Iman Marvian ().

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