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Pop goes the discord bubble

Well, the rat is out of the bag; Schroedinger’s Rat, that is. That’s the new quantum blog by Miguel Navascues and boy is it snarky! I was keeping it under my hat for a while so I could enjoy it privately, but the … Continue reading

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Science Code Manifesto

Recently, one of the students here at U. Sydney and I had the frustrating experience of trying to reproduce a numerical result from a paper, but it just wasn’t working. The code used by the authors was regrettably not made … Continue reading

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Plagiarism horror story

Halloween is my favorite holiday: you aren’t strong armed into unhealthy levels of conspicuous consumption, the costumes and pumpkins are creative and fun, the autumn colors are fantastic, and the weather is typically quite pleasant (or at least it was … Continue reading

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Greg Kuperberg: a paladin fighting against the ogres of hype

Nothing much to add here, but Greg Kuperberg has an excellent article at Slate which clarifies the power and limitations of quantum computers. The article is brief, accessible, and highly accurate. The next time a science journalist contacts you for … Continue reading

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Is science on trial in Italy?

Big news from Italy today, where a regional court has ruled that six Italian scientists (and one ex-government official) are guilty of multiple manslaughter for the deaths of 309 people that were killed in the L’Aquila earthquake in 2009. The reaction … Continue reading

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Sean Barrett

I am very sad to learn that Sean Barrett of Imperial College London, who made important contributions to fault tolerance and optical quantum computing, among other areas, was tragically killed in a traffic accident in Perth on Friday. He was … Continue reading

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12 things a quantum information theorist should do at least once

By popular demand… prove (or disprove) something by going to the Church of the Larger Hilbert Space apply amplitude amplification in a non-trivial way convince yourself you’ve proven that NP is contained in BQP, or at least that you have … Continue reading

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Down Under

I have just moved to the University of Sydney to begin a permanent position here in the Department of Physics. I had a great time at the University of Washington, and I’ll miss working with the fantastic people there. I … Continue reading

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Uncertain on Uncertainty

Over at BBC News, there is an article about a recently published paper (arXiv) by Lee Rozema et al. that could lead to some, ehm, uncertainty about the status of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (HUP). Before dissecting the BBC article, let’s look at the paper … Continue reading

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Taken to School

Here is a fine piece of investigative journalism about a very wide spread scam that is plaguing academia. Definitely worth a watch.

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