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Quantum computers can work in principle

Gil Kalai has just posted on his blog a series of videos of his lectures entitled “why quantum computers cannot work.”  For those of us that have followed Gil’s position on this issue over the years, the content of the videos … Continue reading

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Important upcoming deadlines

As part of our ongoing service to the quantum information community, we here at the Quantum Pontiff would be remiss if we didn’t remind you of important upcoming deadlines. We all know that there is a certain event coming in … Continue reading

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El Naschie works on entanglement now

The Journal of Quantum Information Science will not be getting any of my papers starting today, because today is when I learned that they recently published the following gem: A Resolution of Cosmic Dark Energy via a Quantum Entanglement Relativity Theory, by … Continue reading

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Test your intuition

The name of this post was shamelessly stolen from Gil Kalai’s popular series Test Your Intuition. But today’s post will be testing our physics intuition, rather than our mathematical intuition. Although this is a quantum blog, we’ll look at the … Continue reading

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Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowships

The University of Sydney is now accepting applications for the Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowships. These are very competitive and prestigious university-wide fellowships, with terrific salary and benefits: a 3 year appointment with a A$99,000 annual salary and a A$25,000 discretionary research … Continue reading

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This is a rare gem: Four lectures on quantum mechanics by Paul Dirac… on YouTube! Here’s the first one. Also, the Q+ online lecture series continues to go strong, bringing in a steady stream of high-quality speakers. This month constitutes … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Discord Bubble

The following is a guest post by Marco Piani. A couple of months ago Steve wrote a post on “the discord bubble“. Let me try to provide a summary of his post and of his thoughts. There have been too … Continue reading

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Viacheslav Belavkin

I am sad to report that Viacheslav Belavkin recently passed away. One of the rarified few who made important contributions to quantum information in the 1970’s, Belavkin’s work was and is very significant in both physics and mathematics. Belavkin won … Continue reading

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Who should blog in 2013?

The quantum theory blogosphere has seen some great new additions this year: The Caltech IQIM blog, Quantum Frontiers Thomas Vidick, MyCQstate Miguel Navascues, Schoedinger’s Rat But this is not enough! Our researchers are legion. And so must it be with … Continue reading

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Cirac and Zoller win the Wolf Prize for physics

Ignacio Cirac and Peter Zoller were just announced as winners of the 2013 Wolf Prize for physics. I’m not sure if this is the official citation, but the Jerusalem Post is saying the prize is: for groundbreaking theoretical contributions to quantum … Continue reading

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