El Naschie works on entanglement now

El Naschie (top), shown photoshopped in with three Nobel laureates.

The Journal of Quantum Information Science will not be getting any of my papers starting today, because today is when I learned that they recently published the following gemA Resolution of Cosmic Dark Energy via a Quantum Entanglement Relativity Theory, by M. El Naschie.
Upon closer inspection, it isn’t hard to see why they published this paper. It’s because  “El Naschie is very highly regarded in the community” and is “always spoken of as a possible Nobel prize candidate”. And as the great man himself has said, “Senior people are above this childish, vain practice of peer review”, so there was no need for that.
Oh, but despite the apparent lack of peer review, they do have a $600 article processing charge for open access. I wonder what costs these charges are meant to offset if the “submit” button just puts the article straight into the publication? Hmmm, I hope that the journal didn’t simply accept money in exchange for publishing the paper under the pretense of “open access”! Golly, that would be unethical.

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10 Responses to El Naschie works on entanglement now

  1. Stephan says:

    I assume that the members of the editorial board of this journal (http://www.scirp.org/Journal/EditorialBoard.aspx?JournalID=591) don’t realize what it is. Actually, I wonder if they even realize that they’re on the editorial board at all?

  2. Hamish Johnston says:

    He’s back! Libel lawyers rejoice!

  3. Michael Werby says:

    I do not see any genuine scientific discussion of El Naschie papers here. Without this, there is no real ground for accepting any of your comments.

    • sflammia says:

      El Naschie unethically and fraudulently published hundreds of nonsensical papers without peer review in a journal that he was editing. We know he’s a fraud because he photoshops himself into pictures with famous people and pretends the photos are real. He continues to spew garbage from within other fake journals like JQIS (which can’t even get an editorial board without lying about its membership). The whole thing is a scam, a con, a ruse. So in fact, there is no real ground for any genuine scientific discussion. You may now return to your sock drawer.

    • aram says:

      El Naschie does have some really interesting points, actually. What do you think about his stunning revelation that E=mc^2 should really be E=mc^2 / 22.18033989?
      The exposition is also really nice. I particularly like the way special relativity is described as causing “rod shortening.”

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