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El Naschie works on entanglement now

The Journal of Quantum Information Science will not be getting any of my papers starting today, because today is when I learned that they recently published the following gem: A Resolution of Cosmic Dark Energy via a Quantum Entanglement Relativity Theory, by … Continue reading

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Pop goes the discord bubble

Well, the rat is out of the bag; Schroedinger’s Rat, that is. That’s the new quantum blog by Miguel Navascues and boy is it snarky! I was keeping it under my hat for a while so I could enjoy it privately, but the … Continue reading

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Physics World gets high on Tel Aviv catnip

It should be no surprise that loose talk by scientists on tantalizing subjects like backward causality can impair the judgment of science writers working on a short deadline.  A recent paper by Aharonov, Cohen, Grossman and Elitzur at Tel Aviv … Continue reading

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Hoisted From the Comments: Quantum Marriage

Charlie Bennett comments about an novel use of quantum entanglement: Tracy Staedter describes a quantum wedding apparatus built by conceptual artist Jonathon Keats, which briefly entangles two people by illuminating them with entangled photons. Staedter quotes Keats as saying the … Continue reading

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Entangled in the Membrane, Entangled in the Brain?

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New York Times Film Review Fail

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I Want to Quantum Jump to a Tiger

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Quantum Spottings

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Through The Eye of the Beholder

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Everything and Nothing

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