Quantum Rugby

A quantum physics spotting in….rugby? An article about rugby player Jonny Wilkinson:

The experiment was conceived by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödin-ger to demonstrate a conundrum at the heart of quantum physics: that a sub-atomic particle exists in two states. However, the act of measuring it effectively forces it into one particular state, rather as England’s discounted second-half try in the 2007 World Cup Final appeared to many fans to be both a try and not a try, until the referee called for a video replay.

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Picking on the Quantum Physicists

From this Sunday’s New York Times in an article entitled Wall Street, R.I.P.:

In search of ever-higher returns — and larger yachts, faster cars and pricier art collections for their top executives — Wall Street firms bulked up their trading desks and hired pointy-headed quantum physicists to develop foolproof programs.

Quantum physicists? Come on media get it right. I’m pretty sure those were string theorists who ruined America 😉
Personally I think we should use the association of Ph.D. physicists as the cause of the Wall Street mess to lobby for higher science funding. “Sure you could cut science funding, but then all those Ph.D.s are going to end up on Wall Street and the next thing you know everyone will be on the street stuffing newspaper in their shoes to keep warm.”

Quick, to the Quantum Singularity!

Sometimes you find one that is just so over the top that it brings a smile to your face. It starts out okay,

The doughnut shaped universe spinning about a central axis of quantum singularity
India Daily Technology Team
May 26, 2008
An unexpected patterns in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) – the relic radiation left behind by the Big Bang points to the fact that the universe is donut shaped and finite. The cosmologists are stunned by the fact that cosmologists were surprised to find that longer wavelengths were missing from measurements of the CMB made by NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe.

Okay, so the fact that cosmologists are stunned by the fact that cosmologists are stunned is a bit odd, but looking for nontrivial topologies of the universe in the CMB isn’t crazy. But then, oh boy….

The scientists are now convinced that the universe is finite, doughnut shaped spinning about a central axis of quantum singularity. The quantum singularity keeps the universe stable.

Quick, to the bat mobile so we can go find that quantum singularity. I want to make the universe unstable!

Quantum Diet

Eat anything you want and lose weight? How? By using quantum physics of course!:

Freedom From Food looks at food and weight from a unique vantage point. It examines the mind/body connection – how your thoughts and emotions affect your body. The book points out that there is abundant scientific evidence in quantum physics to show that our thoughts and emotions directly affect our physical form. From this perspective, food is not seen as “good” or “bad” for the body.

I’m still looking through the postulates of quantum physics to find how thoughts and emotions are used in quantum theory? Anyone?
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Holy mother of quack science, Neuroquantology. But that withstanding, some of you real scientists should really satisfy their call for reviewers. I mean think how much fun you could have tearing holes in their papers :

We need additional reviewers:
Since in our interdisciplinary Journal we seek for holistic approach to science and particularly in neurobiology and consciousness studies, we strongly encourage authors that submit reviews that aim popularization of the recent advances of Quantum Field Theory (QFT), Relativity, String and Brane Theories, Evolution, Chaotic Dynamics, Nonlinear science, Mathematics, Neuroscience. The editorial board aims to increase the impact factor of the Journal in order NeuroQuantology to be synonym of scientific excellence.

They want scientific excellence? We could certainly give them some scientific, uh, guidance, no?