12 things a quantum information theorist should do at least once

By popular demand

  1. prove (or disprove) something by going to the Church of the Larger Hilbert Space
  2. apply amplitude amplification in a non-trivial way
  3. convince yourself you’ve proven that NP is contained in BQP, or at least that you have a poly-time quantum algorithm for graph isomorphism or dihedral HSP
  4. upper- or lower-bound a fault-tolerance threshold
  5. use the stabilizer formalism
  6. make use of convexity
  7. pick a random state or unitary from the Haar measure
  8. use an entropic quantity
  9. estimate or compute a spectral gap
  10. impress people in field X with your knowledge of something that everyone in field Y takes for granted, where X and Y are chosen from {CS, physics, some area of math, etc.}.
  11. confuse people in field X about the point of what you’re doing, when it’s a common goal in field Y.
  12. have a paper unjustly rejected or accepted by PRL.

Thanks to Ashley Montanaro for suggesting the first three.

13 Replies to “12 things a quantum information theorist should do at least once”

  1. What I hit: 1, 3 (So many F-in times), 4 (only one half), 5, 7 (but not by hand), 9, 10 (soooo many permutations), 11
    Is 2 possible?

  2. I don’t think you can get credit for #1 until you also prove (or disprove) the negative of the proposition you previously proved (resp. disproved).
    But I’m well on my way to 5, 6, 8, 10 and 11.

  3. I like the idea of having a paper accepted unjustly—truly an important part of growing up. But what about sending a paper that belongs in IEEE or PRL to Nature or Science instead because you want to make a bigger splash?

  4. Great post Steve!
    Seeing Mike commenting above reminded me:
    13. Prove something totally non-trivial by invoking the singular value decomposition at an opportune moment. Miraculous use of your favourite resolution of the identity would also qualify (a “hail Mary” with Schur’s lemma would also be acceptable).
    I am right this moment preparing a talk that will hopefully do 10 but will probably do 11.

  5. I’ve done: 1, 2, 3 (but only as an undergrad — does that count? 🙂 ), 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12. Still need to bound a fault-tolerance threshold and estimate a spectral gap.

  6. If you have a physics background, obtain a result in computer science that has nothing to do with quantum mechanics in any way. If you have background, obtain a result in physics that has nothing to do with computation in any way.
    Very close to getting the first one of those! (does having co-authors smart enough to actually do the “obtaining” count?)

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