Down Under

I have just moved to the University of Sydney to begin a permanent position here in the Department of Physics. I had a great time at the University of Washington, and I’ll miss working with the fantastic people there. I am looking forward, however, to contributing to the growth of an increasingly strong quantum group here, together with my new colleagues.
Wish me luck!
Also, a bit of general advice. If you want to submit things to QIP, it is generally not a good idea to schedule an international move for the same week as the submission deadline. 🙂
Finally, here are some photos to make you all jealous and to encourage you to visit.

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  1. Congratulations on the new position. Does this mean we’ll be seeing you in CQT from time to time? It seems Singapore is where people flying into and out of Australia usually end up changing plane.

  2. Congratulations! Sydney is a great place to be so I am jealous.
    After you have said hi to Biercuk as Alan has instructed, please could you gently persuade him to reply to the email I sent him several months ago about giving a Q+ talk. Anything you can do to give him the impression that we are running a highly respected seminar series that anyone in their right mind would want to present their research at would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Mike Biercuk says: “I saw that email, but I’m just so overrun. …it’s not a slight, just young-faculty-itis.”
      In other words, you didn’t bug him enough yet. 🙂

    1. Perhaps that would be a good topic for a future blog post, but my immediate guess is that they simply make substantial investments in QI research.

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