I have a friend in Minsk…

Unlike the usual university plagiarism policy which is typically something bland copied from another university, the University of Bergen has explained the problem, and consequences, of plagiarism with Hollywood-level production values.

(Be sure to click on “CC” for the English subtitles.)
I came across the video from the blog of Andrew Gelman, who has long chronicled plagiarism and other forms of scientific misconduct. From his post, I also learned about my new favorite plagiarism story.

4 Replies to “I have a friend in Minsk…”

  1. Obviously fun to watch, but I can’t help but wonder how much and whose money was spent on that…

  2. Given how big a deal they make about citing *everything*, I was surprised there was no citation for the line about creating a GUI interface using Visual Basic. Did I just miss it?

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