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QIP 2015 business meeting

A QIP 2015 epilogue: our notes from the business meeting. See also this post by Kaushik Seshadreesan. Business Meeting Report local organizing committee report Finance: $193,545 – $191,467 = $2,478 profit! registration income: $185,340 refunds, about $3,000 external sponsorships: $30,450, … Continue reading

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QIP 2015 zombie-blogging, Day 5

Today’s highlight: an algorithm running in time , also known as “polynomial time” or “efficient”. Joseph Fitzsimons and Thomas Vidick. A multiprover interactive proof system for the local Hamiltonian problem(Plenary Talk) abstract arXiv:1409.0260 Thomas begins by reminding everyone about what … Continue reading

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QIP 2015 Return of the Live-blogging, Day 1

Jan 14 update at the end. The three Pontiffs are reunited at QIP 2015 and, having forgotten how painful liveblogging was in the past, are doing it again. This time we will aim for some slightly more selective comments. In … Continue reading

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Elsevier again, and collective action

We all know about higher education being squeezed financially. Government support is falling and tuition is going up. We see academic jobs getting scarcer, and more temporary. The pressure for research to focus on the short term is going up. … Continue reading

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TQC 2014!

While many of us are just recovering from QIP, I want to mention that the submission deadline is looming for the conference TQC, which perhaps should be called TQCCC because its full name is Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and … Continue reading

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QIP 2014 accepted talks

This Thanksgiving, even if we can’t all be fortunate enough to be presenting a talk at QIP, we can be thankful for being part of a vibrant research community with so many different lines of work going on. The QIP … Continue reading

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happy deadline everyone!

The main proof in one of my QIP submissions has developed a giant hole. Hopefully the US Congress does a better job with its own, somewhat higher stakes, deadline. In many ways their job is easier. They can just submit … Continue reading

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Are we ready for Venture Qapital?

From cnet and via Matt Liefer, comes news of a new venture capital firm, known as The Quantum Wave Fund. According to their website: Quantum Wave Fund is a venture capital firm focused on seeking out early stage private companies … Continue reading

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QIP schedule up, early registration deadline ending soon

I’ll try to post something less boring soon, but for now wanted to mention that the schedule for QIP is now online, and that early registration ends on Dec 1.

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QIP 2015??

The following is a public service announcement from the QIP steering committee. (The “service” is from you, by the way, not the committee.) Have you ever wondered why the Quantum Information Processing conference seems to travel everywhere except to your … Continue reading

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