QIP 2015??

The following is a public service announcement from the QIP steering committee. (The “service” is from you, by the way, not the committee.)

Have you ever wondered why the Quantum Information Processing conference seems to travel everywhere except to your hometown? No need to wonder anymore. It’s because you haven’t organized it yet!
The QIP steering committee would like to encourage anyone tentatively interested in hosting QIP 2015 to register their interest with one of us by email prior to QIP 2013 in Beijing. The way it works is that potential hosts present their cases at this year’s QIP, there is an informal poll of the QIP audience, and then soon after, the steering committee chooses between proposals.
Don’t delay!

By the way, QIP 2014 is in Barcelona, so a loose tradition would argue that 2015 should be in North (or South!) America. Why? Some might say fairness or precedent, but for our community, perhaps a better reason is to keep the Fourier transform nice and peaked.

7 Replies to “QIP 2015??”

  1. Actually, this suggests a new method of choosing the location. Instead of an in-person talk at QIP, just leave a comment on this post. To vote, use the “Like or Dislike” buttons.

  2. We’re gonna try for Sydney. Sorry about the cost of the plane ticket, but at least you don’t have to worry about a blizzard canceling your flight.

      1. Dave, there are no exploding koalas. That’s just a story they tell tourists. It’s the drop bears you have to look out for.

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