MIT + postdoc opening

After 8 years at MIT, and a little over 7 years away, I will return to MIT this January to join the Physics faculty. I love the crazy nerdy atmosphere at MIT, and am really excited about coming back (although I’ll miss the wonderful people at UW).

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics

A typical MIT student.

Even if Cambridge doesn’t quite look like Sydney, it’s a magical place.

Combined with my fellow CTPers Eddie Farhi and Peter Shor, I will also have funding to hire a postdoc there. The other faculty doing the theory side of quantum information at MIT include Scott Aaronson, Ike Chuang, Jeffrey Goldstone and Seth Lloyd; and that’s not even getting into the experimentalists (like Orlando and Shapiro), or the math and CS people who sometimes think about quantum (like Kelner and Sipser).

The application deadline, including letters, is December 1.

You can apply here. Note that when it asks for “three senior physicists”, you should interpret that as “three strong researchers in quantum information, preferably senior and/or well-known.”

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