6 Replies to “The Quantum Interregnum Continues”

  1. The pathetic eagerness to read the riddle of Redemption and to discover the exact hour of the Messiah’s advent … proceeded with varying intensity clear down the ages. At times it seems to be the idle speculation of leisure minds, intrigued by the mystery; at other times it is the search of people in great tribulation. … Great political changes, boding weal or woe, accelerated the tempo of expectancy.  … The rich fancy of the people, stirred by the impact of these great events, sought to find in them intimations of the Great Fulfilment.

    Did someone say “Great Fulfilment?” May the interregnum end soon! 🙂

  2. Speaking seriously, please let me express the hope that a successor to Quantum Pontiff does appear.
    An agora that is lifeless reflects a community that is declining … yet quantum information theory (QIT) is such a fertile field, that it would be a needless and deeply regrettable tragedy if such were to happen. In every hopeful future that we engineers can envision, a vibrant QIT is absolutely essential.
    If no single Quantum Pontiff can be found, perhaps a Quantum Trinity might step forward? 🙂

  3. Hi Dave.
    What are you plan about scirate? I can totally understand that you do not wish to continue to pay/host/maintain it. I’ll be happy to do that myself.

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