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“We are in a box,” says me. “Do you see some radium hooked up to a crazy steampunk device with skulls and crossbones and yellow, definitely yellow, but maybe also neon green or wavey blue?” says Qubitslets. “No I think … Continue reading

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Tap. Tap. Tap.

Is this thing on?

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Quantum in the wild

Sometimes quantum appears out of nowhere when you least expect it. From the September 2, 2018 edition of the New York Times Magazine.

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Quantum Computers Are…

Quantum computers are Blue versions of classical computers [1] [2] [3][4] Blue or grey abstract patterns [1] [2][3][4][5][6] A bunch of connectors [1][2] Blurred out chips [1] What goes inside the dilution fridge [1][2][3] Closed dilution fridges [1] Part of … Continue reading

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Can pontiffs un-retire (un-renunciate)?  I mean, I retired from being a pontiff way before it was cool.  But now the sweet siren call of trying to figure out whether there is really a there there for noisy intermediate scale quantum … Continue reading

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Seattle for QIPers

QIP 2017 is coming to Seattle, hosted by the QuArC group at Microsoft, January 16-20 (with tutorials on the 14th and 15th). If you have some spare moments, maybe you arrive early, or maybe you are planning for the afternoon … Continue reading

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5 Years!

Five years ago I (it’s me Dave Bacon former supposed pseudo-professor and one time quantum pontiff) jumped off the academic ship, swam to shore, and put on a new set of clothes as a software developer for Google. Can it … Continue reading

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What If Papers Had APIs?

API is an abbreviation that stands for “Application Program Interface.” Roughly speaking an API is a specification of a software component in terms of the operations one can perform with that component. For example, a common kind of an API … Continue reading

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QIP 2015 Talks Available

Talks from QIP 2015 are now available on this YouTube channel. Great to see! I’m still amazed by the wondrous technology that allows me to watch talks given on the other side of the world, at my own leisure, on … Continue reading

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Should Papers Have Unit Tests?

Perhaps the greatest shock I’ve had in moving from the hallowed halls of academia to the workman depths of everyday software development is the amount of testing that is done when writing code. Likely I’ve written more test code than … Continue reading

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