The Quantum Interregnum Decoherence Continues

The College of Cardinals has been in conclave for over a month now and leaks to the public indicate that the cardinals are still stalemated.  What does this portend for the world?  The end?  A new beginning?  Only entropy (which others call time) will tell.

2 Replies to “The Quantum Interregnum Decoherence Continues”

  1. Accepting the risk of actually posting something *serious* relating to QIT, there’s a very nice recent review on PubMed, by Kurhanewicz et al, titled Analysis of cancer metabolism by imaging hyperpolarized nuclei: prospects for translation to clinical research (2011).
    What does this have to do with QIT/QSE/QC? Well, every roadmap for quantum computing requires initializing qubits to a deterministic quantum-coherent state … which in medical-speak is just another name for qubit hyperpolarization.
    The point is, the “Long March to Quantum Computation” necessarily passes various milestones that have substantial value in addressing urgent practical problems … not at some indefinite future data, but
    immediately. For QIT/QSE/QC to prosper on this long march, it’s necessary first to learn the languages, and then to trade ideas, with the (many) countries through which the long march has passed, and will be passing.

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