Quantum Interregnum!

The Vicar of Randomization hereby informs the readers of this blog that the Quantum Pontiff Dave Bacon XLII has decohered.  He further informs the readers of this blog that the entire Quantum Pontiff blog is in Justitium and hopes that the readers will refrain from acting like Canucks fans after losing the Stanley Cup.
The College of Cardinals will begin conclave in the coming days, please stay tuned to this chimney.

2 Replies to “Quantum Interregnum!”

  1. Alas … the Fumata Nera … we do not have a Pope. 🙁
    Though the messiah tarries, the sages remind us “let a man wait and believe, and the good is bound to come” …
    … and so I for one (along with many) look forward to the convening of the College of Cardinals! 🙂

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