In Search of Plugins

Speaking of blogging technology: plugins that I haven’t seen for WordPress but that would be fun (i.e. thing I’d love to do if I were king of infinite time.)

  • A plugin to allow for comments INSIDE of a blog post.  The reader would be able to click at, say the end of a paragraph, and have their comment inserted there.  The comment would display collapsed (as a small icon or such) but when clicked on would expand for an inline comment.  Comment replies could be posted there as well.  An option to display all comments (inline and after the post) should be available as well.  Of course one could apply this recursively 🙂
  • Automagic arXiv linker.  I’m amazed this doesn’t exist.  I should be able to cut and paste an arXiv reference and it should automatically link to this (including maybe the option to add [pdf] after the paper for a direct link to the pdf.)
  • A plugin to list the tweets that have been made about this post.  I have tweetmeme installed, which gives a link to the tweets, but if there is a plugin that lists, inline, tweets, I haven’t found it.

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