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What If Papers Had APIs?

API is an abbreviation that stands for “Application Program Interface.” Roughly speaking an API is a specification of a software component in terms of the operations one can perform with that component. For example, a common kind of an API … Continue reading

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QIP 2015 Talks Available

Talks from QIP 2015 are now available on this YouTube channel. Great to see! I’m still amazed by the wondrous technology that allows me to watch talks given on the other side of the world, at my own leisure, on … Continue reading

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Elsevier again, and collective action

We all know about higher education being squeezed financially. Government support is falling and tuition is going up. We see academic jobs getting scarcer, and more temporary. The pressure for research to focus on the short term is going up. … Continue reading

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TQC 2014!

While many of us are just recovering from QIP, I want to mention that the submission deadline is looming for the conference TQC, which perhaps should be called TQCCC because its full name is Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and … Continue reading

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A Federal Mandate for Open Science

Witness the birth of the Federal Research Public Access Act: “The Federal Research Public Access Act will encourage broader collaboration among scholars in the scientific community by permitting widespread dissemination of research findings.  Promoting greater collaboration will inevitably lead to … Continue reading

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Why boycott Elsevier?

Everyone has their own reasons for doing this. There is an interesting debate at Gower’s blog, including a response from an Elsevier employee. Some people dislike Elsevier’s high prices, their bundling practices, their fake medical journals, their parent company’s (now-former) … Continue reading

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Why medicine needs

Defenders of the traditional publishing model for medicine say that health-related claims need to be vetted by a referee process. But there are heavy costs. In quantum information, one might know the proof of a theorem (e.g. the Quantum Reverse … Continue reading

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Michael Nielsen Talks Open Science

TEDxWaterloo talk. See it here and start changing the way you do science:

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Two Interesting LaTeX Online Editors

One, a Google Docs app, LaTeX Lab (thanks to Daniel for pointing this out.) Another with https support Verbosus. I couldn’t get the later to compile and display in browser with FireFox, but did in Safari. Verbosus has an android … Continue reading

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In Search of Plugins

Speaking of blogging technology: plugins that I haven’t seen for WordPress but that would be fun (i.e. thing I’d love to do if I were king of infinite time.) A plugin to allow for comments INSIDE of a blog post.  … Continue reading

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