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Who should blog in 2013?

The quantum theory blogosphere has seen some great new additions this year: The Caltech IQIM blog, Quantum Frontiers Thomas Vidick, MyCQstate Miguel Navascues, Schoedinger’s Rat But this is not enough! Our researchers are legion. And so must it be with … Continue reading

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Quantum Frontiers

As a postdoc at Caltech, I would often have lunch with John Preskill.  About once per week, we would play a game. During the short walk back, I would think of a question to which I didn’t know the answer. Then … Continue reading

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Could Elsevier shut down

They haven’t yet, but they are supporting SOPA, a bill that attempts to roll back Web 2.0 by making it easy to shut down entire sites like wikipedia and craigslist if they contain any user-submitted infringing material. (Here is a … Continue reading

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In Search of Plugins

Speaking of blogging technology: plugins that I haven’t seen for WordPress but that would be fun (i.e. thing I’d love to do if I were king of infinite time.) A plugin to allow for comments INSIDE of a blog post.  … Continue reading

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Reimagining Science Networks

Scienceblogs, the science network that was my old (where “old” = “a few days ago”) haunt, is in revolt.  Okay, well maybe the network is not in revolt, but there is at least a minor insurgency.  Yesterday, the amazing force … Continue reading

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