Superposition of Funded and Not Funded

DARPA was an early huge supporter of quantum computing, but the QuIST program ran it’s course and, so far, there hasn’t been any “equivalent” replacement program, as far as I’m aware (but what do I know!) Thus it was interesting to run across this article, which has an awesome title: “Schrodinger’s Contracts: US Explores Quantum Computing.” Somehow this makes me picture my brain in a superposition of solving and not solving research problems. Now if only I could do ampitude amplification on my brain.

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  1. A lot of great science and mathematics came out of QuIST. Our own quantum system engineering (QSE) effort seeks to integrate this quantum science vertically, in service of practical device development.
    Historically, the “wide” approach of fundamental science and the “deep” approach of system engineering have each relied upon the other for long-term viability.
    Adding the word “quantum” doesn’t alter this mutual dependence! 🙂

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