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A Breakthrough Donation for Computer Science

Lance Fortnow has a post summarizing some of the news affecting the CS community over the past month, including updates on various prizes as well as the significant media attention focusing on physics- and math-related topics such as movies about Turing and … Continue reading

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Elsevier again, and collective action

We all know about higher education being squeezed financially. Government support is falling and tuition is going up. We see academic jobs getting scarcer, and more temporary. The pressure for research to focus on the short term is going up. … Continue reading

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Are we ready for Venture Qapital?

From cnet and via Matt Liefer, comes news of a new venture capital firm, known as The Quantum Wave Fund. According to their website: Quantum Wave Fund is a venture capital firm focused on seeking out early stage private companies … Continue reading

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Funding boost for the arXiv

This is fantastic news: starting this January, the Simons Foundation will provide the Cornell University Library with up to US $300k per year (for the next five years) of matching funds to help ensure the continued sustainability of The funds are … Continue reading

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Alexei Kitaev wins Fundamental Physics Prize

Alexei Kitaev was just named as a co-recipient of the inaugural Fundamental Physics Prize, along with 8 other distinguished physicists. This is a brand new prize which was started by a Russian billionaire named Yuri Milner. More at the New York … Continue reading

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This post was supported by Goldman-Sachs Grant No. GS98039

After my earlier post about the defense budget, I thought it might be nice if there were some other similar-sized revenue streams that we could tap into other than DoD funding.  It got me thinking… who has the most money? … Continue reading

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Matt Hastings wins a Simons Investigator 2012 award

The Simons Foundation has just announced the recipients of the Simons Investigator awards for 2012. These awards are similar in spirit to the MacArthur awards: the recipients did not know they were under consideration for the grant, and you can’t … Continue reading

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Rounding Error in the Defense Budget

I recently (and somewhat belatedly) came across the following news item: NASA gets two military spy telescopes for astronomy The gist of the article is that the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) just donated two telescopes with greater optical capabilities than … Continue reading

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Look Ma, I'm a Financial Journalist!

In this Saturday’s New York Times, in an article titled The Chasm Between Consumers and the Fed, I found the most amazing chart: Of course I am not a financial journalist, so I have absolutely no understanding of the gigantic … Continue reading

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George Soros Meets Kochen-Specker

I’ll admit it: I like reading George Soros’ books. I mean, here’s a guy whose made a godzillion dollars in the financial markets, has been behind political destabilizations/stabilizations worldwide, taken on a U.S. president (can you guess which one?), and … Continue reading Continue reading

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