Before I did math, I did debate.
And now I’ve found a way to reconcile the two! Gil Kalai is a great researcher in theoretical computer science who has written several articles that are skeptical of the possibility of quantum computers ever being built. I think his ideas are interesting, but wrong.
So we’ve agreed to debate on the neutral territory of Dick Lipton and Ken Regan’s blog, Godel’s Lost Letter.
The debate begins with Gil laying out his case for skepticism of quantum computing.
In a few days, I’ll post my reply there. Stay tuned…

5 Replies to “Debate!”

  1. Wim, that’s hilarious. 🙂
    Also, may I point out that Lipton’s blog isn’t exactly neutral territory. Both Dick and Ken have expressed quantum skepticism in the past, e.g. here.
    Hopefully this debate can win over some hearts and minds.

    1. I agree with your point. A more appropriate title would have been: “Heavier-than-air flying machines of the 21st Century?”

  2. There have been plenty of scientific debates that both sides (or even all sides!) have won: E. O. Wilson versus James Watson, Schwinger versus Feynman versus Tomanaga, Heisenberg versus Schroedinger, Salk versus Sabin (who can name others?).
    My hope and expectation is that the Harrow/Kalai debate similarly will help precipitate unification … especially since the two debaters are both of them so eminently worthy of our respect.

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