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  1. Following-up on a (very enjoyable!) chat yesterday evening with Aram (Harrow) and Steve (Flammia), there is now on MathOverflow a newly-posted question titled Harris’ “Algebraic Geometry”, quantum dynamics on varieties, and a more-than-monetary reward, that seeks to specify concrete math-and-physics foundations for meeting Scott Aaronson’s wonderful challenge:

    “There’s a detailed picture of [what] the world could be like such that QC is possible, but no serious competing picture of what the world could be like such that it isn’t. That situation could change at any time, and we would welcome it as the scientific adventure of our lives.”

    Starting next week — or as soon as it becomes administratively feasible — a substantial MathOverflow reputation bonus will be attached to this MOFL roadmap (motto: “MOFL reputations are beyond price”).
    My own opinions amount to an burgeoning appreciation all participants have many good insights to offer. Happy STEM treasure-hunting, everyone!   🙂

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