A Mailing List for Quantum Information Science!

A while back, Dmitry Maslov who is currently a program direct at the NSF pointed out to me that there wasn’t really a good mailing list for the greater quantum computing community.  As you may have noticed this blog has turned into a place where I post such announcements.  Of course this gets in the way of important blog posts that could occur at the Quantum Pontiff, like those discussing politics and conference “referee” reports. (*ahem*)  So in order to get around this I’ve gone out and done created what Dmitry suggested: a quantum information science mailing list.
Okay so here is how this works.  First of all there is a traditional mailing list.  You can subscribe to it at this webpage.  You can also unsubscribe from this same webpage.  Of course email is for old farts like me.  So all of the announcements will also be posted on the blog located at http://dabacon.org/qspeak.  This blog, of course, has an RSS feed: http://www.dabacon.org/qspeak/?feed=rss2.  The announcements will also be tweeted: http://twitter.com/qisannounce.  I will also be rebroadcasting these announcement back here on this blog.  Note that when I do this the main text will be in the extended text for the blog post.  This means these should take up less space on the front of this blog or in your own personal RSS feed.
Okay so that is how you can read and receive updates for this list.  What about submitting and also what should be submitted?  Well first of all the list is moderated.  Moderated by…me.  Hopefully in the near future I’ll add some more moderators so that posts can be made more rapidly.  So basically the procedure is to email the list at: qspeak [[at]] dabacon.org.  Subject?  Well I’m hoping it’s things like jobs, conference announcements, funding opportunities, etc.  The general rule is that it should be linked to quantum information science, broadly construed, meaning physics, computer science, foundations, etc.  If it doesn’t seem to have enough quantum information content it will be rejected but how much is enough will be left up to the Supreme Court of the United States of America (they’re good at things like this, right?)  Once the message is approved it will be posted immediately to the blog and tweeted.  A weekly digest email will then be sent out for those who are subscribed to the email list.  Right now this isn’t automated…there was a bug in the dreamhost api that they haven’t gotten back to me yet, but eventually this will just happen without me having to format the email, which will be very nice, timewise at least for me.
Anyway hopefully you all can spread the word about this new mailing list / blog / twitter feed.  Comments, questions, concerns, catching problems with the system, etc are greatly appreciated.  Leave a comment or send me an email at qspeak [[[at]]] dabacon.org.

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