Jobs at AFRL in NM

Seeking Candidates for Positions in Quantum Information Research at AFRL in NM

The Directed Energy Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is seeking candidates for positions in quantum information science and technology. Positions anticipated at this time include a full-time civil-service research physicist and a post-doctoral researcher. Research will be conducted within the scope of an existing quantum communication applied research program.
Requirements for eligibility include a Ph.D. in quantum information science, quantum communication, or quantum optics. US Citizenship and eligibility for a security clearance are also required.

Experience is sought in the areas of 1) quantum entanglement and bell-state measurements, 2) quantum entanglement distribution, teleportation, and quantum key distribution (QKD), 3) quantum sources including entangled photon sources and non-Poissonian photon sources, and 4) quantum channels and quantum networks.
A combination of laboratory and theoretical experience is desirable. Additional experience in free-space optical propagation is desirable but not mandatory. Additional experience with entanglement swapping, quantum memory, and quantum repeaters is also desirable but not mandatory.

The civil-service research physicist will define and lead theoretical analysis, modeling, and simulations of free-space quantum channels, define and lead laboratory and field experiments, analyze data, document research results, present findings at scientific conferences, publish findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals, travel for program briefings to funding agencies, and create topic solicitations for small-businesses, universities and other government contractors. This position will be advertised on

The postdoctoral researcher will conduct research and development in photon sources for quantum communication over long-distance free-space optical channels in support of the development of large-scale quantum networks. The postdoctoral researcher will also define and conduct laboratory and field experiments involving Bell-state measurements, teleportation and QKD, analyze data, document research results, present findings at scientific conferences, and publish findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals. This position is currently advertised on

Location: Starfire Optical Range, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico

Application Date: Application review will begin on 01 JAN 2018 and remain open until positions are filled.

Resumes from interested individuals meeting qualifications may be sent to

Related Publications:
– M. T. Gruneisen, M. B. Flanagan, and B. A. Sickmiller, “Modeling satellite-Earth quantum channel downlinks with adaptive-optics coupling to single-mode fibers,” Opt. Eng. 56(12), 126111 (2017), doi: 10.1117/1.OE.56.12.126111.
– Z. Tang et al., “Generation and Analysis of Correlated Pairs of Photons aboard a Nanosatellite,” Phys. Rev. App. 5, 054022 (2016).
– M. T. Gruneisen, M. B. Flanagan, J. P. Black, K. E. Stoltenberg, B. A. Sickmiller, A. W. Duchane, “Modeling daytime sky access for a satellite quantum key distribution downlink,” Opt. Exp. 23(18), 23924 (2015).

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Faculty Position at Colorado School of Mines

Tenure-track Assistant Professor Position Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

The department of Physics at the Colorado School of Mines invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position in the field of Experimental Condensed Matter Physics at the Assistant Professor level. Our highest priority is for a candidate whose research bridges quantum correlations and materials physics.

Application review begins on January 1, 2018

Additional information is available at:

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Quantum Information Science and Engineering Network

Opportunity for graduate students to work in academia-industry collaboration sponsored by the NSF and housed by the Chicago Quantum Exchange.  More information at .

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Quantum Computing for Business Conference

Quantum Computing for Business organized by NASA-Ames Research Center and QC Ware will be held Dec 4-6 at NASA-Ames in Mountain View, CA.

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SQUINT Abstract Deadline Approaching

squintlogo  20th Annual SQuInT Workshop   February 22-24, 2018

                                    Santa Fe, New Mexico


Accepting Abstract Submissions:

9/18/2017 – 11/22/2017 (Deadline approaching)

Early Bird Registration:

10/1/2017 – 1/15/2018

Late Registration:

1/16/2018 – 2/22/2018


See our list of Invited Speakers and Panelists


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Faculty Position at UNM

UNM is searching for a new Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Theoretical Quantum Information Science at the University of New Mexico.  UNM is searching broadly for candidates in a wide variety of areas of this interdisciplinary field.  The new faculty member will join the Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC)  CQuIC administers a National Science Foundation Focused Research Hub in Theoretical Physics (FRHTP), providing excellent opportunities for collaborations with CQuIC faculty, its partner institutions, and postdoctoral researchers.

Details on the application procedure and qualifications can be found at UNMJobs:

Letters of recommendation are collected at AcademicJobsOnline:

The University of New Mexico is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, making decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, or any other protected class.

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IBM ThinkQ conference on approximate quantum computing: Call for registration and poster submissions

The IBM Research THINKQ Conference on “Approximate quantum computing: from advantage to applications”, is scheduled to be held on December 6-8, 2017, at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York. 

Conference description:
 Modest-sized quantum computers now exist in the real world and the next generation of these devices may be too big to simulate on a classical computer. A quantum computer which is too big to classically simulate has an inherent computational advantage of sorts. How can we harness this advantage, sufficiently protect it from noise, and use it to solve computational problems of interest? Can we achieve these goals without incurring large overheads such as those required for fault-tolerant quantum computation? These are the central questions in an emerging field of approximate quantum computing which touches upon areas including quantum advantage, quantum simulation, hardware-efficient algorithms, heuristic quantum algorithms, error mitigation, and more.

For more information about the event please go to

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Quantum Error Correction Postdoc at Duke University

A postdoc position is available in the Brown lab for a quantum information theorist interested in quantum error correction.  The postdoc will have the opportunity to develop new codes and protocols, to collaborate with quantum computing experimentalists to  implement small quantum error correction codes, and to work with computer architects on minimizing the resource overhead for quantum computation.

Interested candidates should email a CV with a list of references to


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QEC 2017 Videos Now Available


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Internships at Microsoft

Microsoft Quantum – Redmond (QuArC) of Microsoft Quantum Research is looking for exceptional internship candidates.  Positions are available beginning in the spring/summer/fall of 2018. We are seeking candidates with a strong background in areas such as physics device modeling, quantum algorithm design, quantum circuit design, quantum error correction, and machine learning and optimization (classical and/or quantum).

Internship Application deadline: February 1, 2018

In order to be considered, please apply and upload your application materials online at:

You will first need to click “Sign In” in the upper right and enter a valid Microsoft account email.  Then click “Create Profile”.  Finally, click “Apply”.

In the online application, click on the following choices:

  • Position interested in: Internship
  • Location: Redmond, WA, USA
  • Research Areas of Interest: Quantum Computing
  • Microsoft Research Contact: Svore, Krysta

Application materials should include:

  • Current CV
  • Letters of reference will be directly requested from your referees by the application tool. (A minimum of 2 references required)
  • Brief statement of research interests and expertise

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workforce.

Direct questions to ksvore AT microsoft DOT com

For more information, visit Microsoft Quantum Internships , Microsoft Quantum – Redmond (QuArC) ,  Microsoft Quantum Research and Microsoft Quantum.

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