Missed This: New John Baez Blog

Hmm, I’m totally out of it as I missed that John Baez, who “blogged” before blogging was the incredibly hip thing to do (which lasted for exactly 2 seconds in 2006?) has a new blog, a new two year visiting position in Singapore, and a new focus.  From his first post:

I hope we talk about many things here: from math to physics to earth science, biology, computer science, economics, and the technologies of today and tomorrow – but in general, centered around the theme of what scientists can do to help save the planet.

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4 Responses to Missed This: New John Baez Blog

  1. John Sidles says:

    Historically, Singapore has hired/invested in technological surges … its “key disciplines” for 1980-1995 were largely physics-related … its “key disciplines” fore 1995-2010 were largely related to molecular biology and/or informatics … now it appears that an emerging “key discipline” for Singapore will be “green/sustainable technology”.
    This policy is pretty reasonable IMHO.

  2. Jasper "SPAM" Chaisson says:

    Excellent post. I found it to be thoroughly informative and gave me the information I was on the lookout for. Will return – thanks for the advice.

  3. John Sidles says:

    Hmmm … it’s happened at last … the spam-bots have achieved sentience (see Jasper’s post above) … so maybe we should ask *them* how to help save the planet.
    Hey, spam-bots! If we humans go extinct, then there will be no-one to feed you credit card numbers! So you gotta help us!

  4. dabacon says:

    Darn spambots. Well now I’ll have to keep this spam commment…maybe I should “modify” it a bit. Jasper, welcome to the land of no longer being a link!

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