Not Just For Quantum Anymore

A few changes at, which I thought I’d mention. The website now supports all of the different arXives. Of course since the only people who read this silly blog are quantum people, I have no idea how much traction these other archives will have in the short term. Navigation to different days should now be easier with the handy-dandy floating navigation icons I’ve setup. Finally, international characters should be showing up correctly now….I hope! Stay tuned for lots of interesting upgrades (lots of ideas!)…err well, just as long as I can find some spare time!

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3 Responses to Not Just For Quantum Anymore

  1. annon says:

    I’m not a member of the set of “quantum people” (you can probably guess which word disqualifies me), so I’m happy to see the other arXivs are there (I disagree about your spelling of the plural). One thing, it would be nice to have an “About” link which reminds me what this is all about…I know it’s one of those social networking type sites, but what does a vote mean…that I find the paper interesting? not crackpot? worth reading? All of the above?

  2. Dave Bacon says:

    Thanks annon, I’ve added an about page. I think applying the standard of “I find this interesting work” is probably what most people are currently doing. Right now I’m just open to seeing how people want to use the site and then modifying it, if necessary, to best achieve what most people want, which I think is an easy way to filter.

  3. annon says:

    Looks good, thanks. One suggestion I have was actually one I had thought about sending directly to the arXiv folks. What about “topic alerts”? The idea being similar to what does…say you’re shopping for a GPS unit and you want a listing of all threads for the day which have that term. Then you sign up and get an email (either daily, or instantly, or whatever frequency you want). So say you wanted to get a daily email, not listing all papers on your designated arxiv, but instead all papers with “nano” and “propagation” say. One could further refine as necessary…say with a certain level of interest, only papers confined to certain arXiv listings, etc. One would also presumably list certain authors for which you’d want to know when they posted a paper. That would help me stay up to date since such searching is essentially what I do anyway. Oh yeah, and one more thing…could you provide the listing in either email form or as a specialized RSS feed? That would be great!

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