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TQC 2014!

While many of us are just recovering from QIP, I want to mention that the submission deadline is looming for the conference TQC, which perhaps should be called TQCCC because its full name is Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and … Continue reading

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Why medicine needs

Defenders of the traditional publishing model for medicine say that health-related claims need to be vetted by a referee process. But there are heavy costs. In quantum information, one might know the proof of a theorem (e.g. the Quantum Reverse … Continue reading

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The first SciRate flame war

Maybe it’s not a war, but it is at least a skirmish. The first shot was fired by a pseudonymous user named gray, who apparently has never scited any papers before and just arrived to bash an author of this paper for … Continue reading

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What To Do With Scirate?

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Can You Have Open Science in the Dark?

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Happy New Year!

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SciRate Papers 7/25 to 8/1

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SciRate Papers: 7/18 to 7/25

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Arxiv API

The arxiv has added an API. Funny I was just complaining about the lack of an API.

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Okay, so yeah, yeah, I’m going to blabber on about again. So if your one of those grumps who think that Digg is what you do in the dirt and MySpace refers to your own personsal space, you can … Continue reading

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