CSE 599d Lecture Notes 8

New notes on Simon’s algorithm. Almost to factoring!
Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes 1: Introduction and Basics of Quantum Theory
Lecture Notes 2: Dirac Notation and Basic Linear Algebra for Quantum Computing
Lecture Notes 3: One Qubit, Two Qubit
Lecture Notes 4: The No-Cloning Theorem, Classical Teleportation and Quantum Teleportation, Superdense Coding
Lecture Notes 5: The Quantum Circuit Model and Universal Quantum Computation
Lecture Notes 6: Reversible Classical Circuits and the Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm
Lecture Notes 7: The Recursive and Nonrecursive Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithm
Lecture Notes 8: Simon’s Algorithm
Homework 1
Homework 2

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