Planets, Lies, and Astronomy Logs

New York Times: One Find, Two Astronomers: An Ethical Brawl After reading this you might want to double check the security of your local research wiki or blog.

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  1. Hogg says:

    That’s why it is important never to work on anything really interesting!
    (Actually, in all seriousness, this problem is exceedingly rare, and the benefits of sharing real-time info—in most circumstance—outweigh the risks by an enormous factor.)

  2. My agent advised me not to talk about this subject. 🙂
    This Ortiz fellow looks very bad at the moment. The New York Times is off the mark in blaming it on the Internet, because there have always been many ways to claim results in bad faith. If anything these issues slowly improve over time.
    But it does reveal an ill side-effect of having “breaking news” in science. Maybe journalists are forced into such conduct. Professional societies should show some restraint.

  3. From now on, maybe I should keep the discovery of new complexity classes secret until I’m ready to make a public announcement about them, rather than immediately posting to the Zoo…

  4. planet facts says:

    WOW! very shocking read… thats for the share mate.

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