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Who should blog in 2013?

The quantum theory blogosphere has seen some great new additions this year: The Caltech IQIM blog, Quantum Frontiers Thomas Vidick, MyCQstate Miguel Navascues, Schoedinger’s Rat But this is not enough! Our researchers are legion. And so must it be with … Continue reading

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Cirac and Zoller win the Wolf Prize for physics

Ignacio Cirac and Peter Zoller were just announced as winners of the 2013 Wolf Prize for physics. I’m not sure if this is the official citation, but the Jerusalem Post is saying the prize is: for groundbreaking theoretical contributions to quantum … Continue reading

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Apocalypses, Firewalls, and Boltzmann Brains

Last week’s plebeian scare-mongering about the world ending at the wraparound of the Mayan calendar did not distract sophisticated readers of gr-qc and quant-ph from a more arcane problem, the so-called Firewall Question.  This concerns what happens to Alice when … Continue reading

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Are we ready for Venture Qapital?

From cnet and via Matt Liefer, comes news of a new venture capital firm, known as The Quantum Wave Fund. According to their website: Quantum Wave Fund is a venture capital firm focused on seeking out early stage private companies … Continue reading

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21 = 3 * 7

…with high probability. That joke was recycled, and in recent work, Bristol experimentalists have found a way to recycle photonic qubits to perform Shor’s algorithm using only qubits. (Ok, so actually is was Kitaev who figured this out, as they … Continue reading

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Haroche and Wineland win Physics Nobel

The physics prize was shared between experimentalists Serge Haroche and David Wineland, longtime leaders in the study of atom-photon interaction.  In recent decades both have honed their techniques to meet the challenges and opportunities opened by “quantum information science” which … Continue reading

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Physics World gets high on Tel Aviv catnip

It should be no surprise that loose talk by scientists on tantalizing subjects like backward causality can impair the judgment of science writers working on a short deadline.  A recent paper by Aharonov, Cohen, Grossman and Elitzur at Tel Aviv … Continue reading

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Quantum Frontiers

As a postdoc at Caltech, I would often have lunch with John Preskill.  About once per week, we would play a game. During the short walk back, I would think of a question to which I didn’t know the answer. Then … Continue reading

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One of the more exciting prospects for near-term experimental quantum computation is to realize a large-scale quantum simulator. Now getting a rigorous definition of quantum simulator is tricky, but intuitively the concept is clear: we wish to have quantum systems … Continue reading

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Having it both ways

In one of Jorge Luis Borges’ historical fictions, an elderly Averroes, remarking on a misguided opinion of his youth,  says that to be free of an error it is well to have professed it oneself.  Something like this seems to … Continue reading

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