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QIP 2012 videos!

The long awaited videos from QIP 2012 are now online. Somewhat. If you see a video that you want that isn’t online, then tell the speaker to sign the release form! I’m looking at you Bravyi, Greiner, Landahl and Popescu! … Continue reading

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Scott Aaronson wins Alan T. Waterman Award

The NSF just announced that our own Scott Aaronson has been named a co-recipient of this year’s prestigious Alan T. Waterman award! The award is granted to outstanding researchers under the age of 35 across any field of science or engineering … Continue reading

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Quantum Information and Foundations at the APS March Meeting 2012

After John Preskill’s call for more quantum participation at the APS March Meeting, I couldn’t say no to a request for a blurb about quantum info and foundations! The following is a guest post by Giulio Chiribella. Following up the … Continue reading

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QEC '11 Registration Deadline Extension

The registration and submission deadline for QEC ’11 has been extended by a week and is now open until November 7th. You can register here: It looks like a great conference… I wonder if the Ghost Pontiff will show up to … Continue reading

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Dial M for Matter

It was just recently announced that Institute for Quantum Information at Caltech will be adding an extra letter to its name. The former IQI will now be the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, or IQIM. But it isn’t the name change … Continue reading

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Ig Nobels 2011

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The Ig Nobel Prize ceremony was held this evening at Harvard. My favorite is the winner of the Ig Nobel Peace Prize, which went to Arturas Zuokas, the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, for … Continue reading

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Theoretical Physics StackExchange

Correction added 4 Oct: The site is in public beta now. Correction added 27 Sep: At least for now, the site is in a closed beta, restricted to the people who initially committed to using it. Once that changes, we’ll let … Continue reading

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Two kilopontiffs, and Pontiff++

This post is the 2000th post here at the Quantum Pontiff! And it seems that the former proprietor of this blog just couldn’t stop blogging… so go check out his new blog, Pontiff++.

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Q-circuit v2.0

Many readers are familiar with the LaTeX package called Q-circuit that I coauthored with Bryan Eastin. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a set of macros that helps make typesetting quantum circuits easy, efficient and (reasonably) intuitive.  The … Continue reading

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Habemus Papam(s)!

The conclave has reached an agreement. The new quantum papal dynasty will be a triumvirate consisting of: Charlie Bennett Aram Harrow Steve Flammia For those of you concerned about having three pontiffs at the same time, fear not: there is historical precedence. Urbi … Continue reading

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