QIP 2012 wrap-up

Here, in one place, are all the links to our QIP blogging. Here is the program for the conference.

Also, an editorial note: even though the posts say they are posted by so-and-so, in fact we did them all pretty much jointly, typing simultaneously into a google document. This joint editing worked really well; perhaps if google documents implements latex in a nice way, it might just realize Nielsen’s dream.

4 Replies to “QIP 2012 wrap-up”

  1. Thanks guys! By the way, videos of QIP will eventually be online (thanks to the organizers), although I suppose google can’t yet see inside of those.

  2. Please let me add my voice to the chorus of appreciation and thanks!
    (And join the chorus too of folks who wish Google Documents played more nicely with LaTeX, and moreover with literate programming tools like nuweb).

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