Quantum Job of the Teleportation Kind

teleportation technologists seek talented MBA (SOMA / south beach)

Date: 2010-12-03, 2:45PM PST
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We are two engineers, brothers (both CalTech grads), who have developed and built a novel teleportation device. Over the last twelve months, we have tested our prototype system with up to 800 kg payloads, over distances of 300 miles. It is portable, safe, but does require a substantial (1800 W) power supply at both sending and receiving locations.
We believe our teleportation device could substantially disrupt many “last-mile” transit technologies and generate extraordinary returns for investors.
The only missing piece is YOU! We are looking for one or two newly-minted MBAs to help us develop critical assets — a logo, a Powerpoint deck, and Excel projections — needed to attract venture capital. In return, we would seek to retain a minority stake in the final venture.
Please send a resume and any other information that may set you apart from other MBAs with pitch experience. Can’t wait for you to join our team!

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