Announcing the Quantum Information Science Announcement List

Back in the early days of quantum computing, one could almost keep up with the entire field by attending a few select conferences, reading the arXiv, and keeping in contact with a few colleagues.  Quantum information science (quantum computing, quantum information, and all its related brethren) is now a diverse and large field and keeping on top of everything is very difficult.  At the suggestion of Dmitry Maslov (who is currently a NSF Program Director) it seems that it would be very nice to have a general clearing house for announcements to send out to the community.  Thus this new blog.

So how will this work?  Well basically it will work just like any other moderated mailing lists.  You send in your announcement to .  It gets forward to moderator (currently only me, Dave Bacon, but am considering adding more once I get the tools to allow multiple moderators in place).  Then the moderators approve or reject your announcement.  It then gets posted to this blog, and put in the queue for an announcement via email to the mailing list.  This email announcement list will go out once a week, assuming there are announcements to be sent out.  You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the email list via this webpage.

In addition to subscribing via email, you can also follow the postings via rss (here is the feed) and on twitter (@qisannounce).  If anyone would like to include the RSS feed on their own blog they should feel free to do so.

Comments and feedback are, of course, greatly appreciated.